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All right kiddies, so I'm going to be at KATSUCON and I know several of you are, too!

I'd like to arrange a meetup, but not knowing the convention centre or anything, I can't think of what to do other than give out my cell number. I'd like for us to be able to meet up on Saturday, since that's when the most cosplay goes on, and...we can definitely have fun with that.

If anybody has any ideas on how to organise this, prz commento.

ALSO: onsan and I are probably going to run a panel for AB 06. Since he doesn't cosplay, and neither do I (really), we're looking for a 1337 cozplayer for our third panelist - you know, for credibility's sake. If you want a chance to be shameless and famuz for all the wrong reasons, this is your chance now!

More than likely, however, if we can't find anybody suitable, I'll go ahead and run the panel with On-san, and we'll leave some "CHAIRS OF HONOUR" for cosplaying members who actually want to give constructive critique and whatnot (ha!).

and I'll X-post this shiitake everywhere.
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